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What's a profile?

HelpTalk allows you to use your device to speak certain pre-defined commands.

These commands, or actions, are what constitutes a profile

A profile is also characterized by the language that the device should use to speak the commands.

You can load any public profile on your device or use the web site to create your own public or private profile and then load it on the device.

Do I have to create a profile to use HelpTalk?

No. When the App is first started, the default profiles are downloaded to the device.

You can also use the option "Search profiles" to find and download profiles created by other users

On this web site you can create a custom profile either from scratch or by cloning another public profile.

Can I change someone else's profile?

Each profile can only be changed by the user who created it.

However, HelpTalk allows you to clone any public profile.

You can use this feature to make your own changed version of someone else's profile, or even to translate a profile to your own language.

How can I use my private profile on my device?

From the main menu of the App, choose the "Sign-in" option and sign in using your credentials

After signing in successfully, a new option called "My profiles" will appear on the menu which will give you access to your public and private profiles.

Can I create a profile that shows the actions in one languages but speaks a different one?

Yes, that can be a great way to communicate when travelling to a foreign country.

Just make sure that you create a profile in the language you want the device to speak. When creating the actions, make sure that the "Action to speak" field is written in the appropriate language.

How can I preview a profile before using it?

When viewing the details of a profile on this web site, a simulator is shown on the right which allows you to navigate the profile.

Although no actions are actually spoken, a popup is shown to simulate an action being spoken

I can't upload a custom icon. What are the requirements for the icons?

Please check the icon guidelines page to see the icon requirements.

My device doesn't have a Text-to-speech engine in my language / I don't like the voice of the Text-to-speech engine. What can I do?

HelpTalk uses the device's Text-to-speech engine to speak all the actions.

Android allows you to download and install additional Text-to-speech languages and voices.

You can search the Google Play app store for other alternatives.

HelpTalk provides links to Text-to-speech engines in other languages or with different voices. These links are provided for your convenience only since HelpTalk is not responsible for the development or maintenance of those engines.

Why is my device speaking the actions with a strange accent or in a language different from the profile?

On some Android versions there is a setting on the Text-to-speech preferences that prevents any App from changing the Text-to-speech language.

Please go to the Text-to-speech settings on your device and make sure that the option Always use my settings, if present, is not selected.

Why does my location request/SOS message take a long time to be received?

There are different methods of acquiring a location coordinate.

Acquiring a coordinate can take some time, specially when using the most accurate methods like GPS.

HelpTalk tries to get the most accurate coordinate from all methods available before sending the text message.

For an S.O.S. request, since it can be more urgent, HelpTalk waits 20 seconds for the best possible coordinate to be obtained before sending the message.

For a location request, since getting the location is the main purpose, HelpTalk waits 2 minutes for the best possible coordinate to be obtained.

Why don't I receive a response to my location request?

A location request can take up to 2 minutes to be sent (see previous question for more details).

If after 2 to 3 minutes you still don't receive a response, check the HelpTalk settings on the receiving phone to see if:

  • Location request is enabled
  • The phone number sending the location request is the one authorized to do it
  • The message sent matches the the "trigger" message configured on the device.

Please take into account that the device can only reply after receiving the location request text message.

If the device is turned off or is in an area without mobile coverage the location request will not work.